Kamerer, Andrew F2C

Of the Bennington Was an Ohio Boy
Who Saw the World.

The remains of Andrew Kamerer, on of the victims of the explosion on the gunboat Bennington at San Diego, arrived here to-day, and the funeral will take place at the home of his parents, three miles east of here, Tuesday.*

Mr. Kamerer was born in Holmes County, Ohio, September 1, 1879 and passed his boyhood and early manhood here. Of a roving disposition and with a desire to see the world her went West in 1902 and in July of that year enlisted in the navy. He served as second fireman on the Bennington, and had an excellent record. He is survived by his father, Jacob Kamerer, proprietary of the Old Kamerer mill; his mother, three sisters and two brothers.*

He died on July 21, 1905 at the age of 25 when a boiler exploded on the USS Bennington. Andrew Kamerer is buried in Loudonville Cemetery in Loudonville, Ohio.

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