McKeon, Charles Oliver MM2C


Charles Oliver McKeon Met Death in Awful Explosion on Gunboat.

It was discovered Thursday that Charles Oliver McKeon of East St. Louis was one of the victims of the Bennington disaster at San Diego, Cal.

McKeon, who was 24 years old, and whose parents live at 730 North Ninth street, East St. Louis, enlisted Dec. 43, 1902, as an engine room apprentice under the name of Charles Oliver.

After the explosion, when it was found that he was one of the victims, a member of the crew told a lieutenant that the man knows as Oliver had told him that his real name was McKeon and that his home was in East St. Louis.

This was reported to the Secretary of the Navy, who asked Congressman Rodenberg to make inquiries. He did so and located the parents of the young man. Mr. Rodenberg will have the effects of McKeon sent to him parents.


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